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the index of the vectorfield as whole is defined when it has just finite number of zeroes. in this case, all zeroes are isolated, and the index of the vectorfield is defined to be the sum of the indices at all zeroes. for all vector variables from database, visit will automatically define the ociated magnitude expressions. for unstructured meshes, visit will automatically define mesh quality expressions. for any databases consisting of multiple time states, visit will define time derivative expressions. the vector plot allows the ability to visualize vectorfields by placing arrow glyphs within the vectorfield indicating direction and magnitude. the first image shows vectors on planar slice of an air flow over box. the second image is close up showing the turbulant flow directly behind the box. Vectorfields provide an interesting way to look at the world. first, quick bit of background. vector is quany with magnitude and direction.

you can visualize vector field by plotting vectors on regular grid, by plotting selection of lines, or by using gradient color scheme to ilrate vector and line densities. you can also plot vector field from list of vectors as opposed to mapping. variety of operators and mathematical expressions, and save the resulting images and animations for presentations. visit contains rich set of visualization features to enable users to view wide variety of data including scalar and vectorfields defined on two and threedimensional (d and d) structured, adaptive and unstructured meshes. section vector fields. we need to start this chapter off with the definition of vectorfield as they will be major component of both this chapter and the next. Vectorfields let you visualize function with twodimensional input and twodimensional output. you end up with, well, field of vectors sitting at various points in twodimensional e. particle animation is useful for visualizing the flow direction and speed of vectorfield. the particles trace the flow along particular line. the particles trace the flow along particular line.

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