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best of the minions part vector vs gruVector (jason segel) introduces himself to gru (steve carell) and tells him about his many ideas and inventions. vector tries to make good first impression on gru by showing him one of his new . Vector (formerly victor perkins) is the main antagonist of despicableme. he is supervillain and the son of mr. perkins, the owner of the bank of evil. the upstart villain is famous for stealing the great pyramid of giza, and becomes gru'archenemy when he attempts to hijack the latter'plan. it launched the despicableme franchise series of films, including the sequel despicableme in , another sequel, despicableme in , and two prequels minions, released in , and minions the rise of gru in , which features gru'minions as the main characters.

Vector [laughs sarcastically] ooh, 'really scared! [ gru punches the camera s, making vector jump and fumble not to drop the moon ] agnes [ smugly ] he is gonna kick your . felonius gru is the main character of despicableme, despicableme , and despicableme , alongside mel and minor character in minions. he is often referred to by his surname gru, was formerly supervillain and jelly manufacturer and consultant for the antivillain league. ich einfach unverbesserlich (originalel despicableme engl. fr ich verabscheuungswrdiger) ist ein usamerikanischer cgianimationsfilm der universal studios, produziert von chris meledandri. Gru'logo from despicable me. download the vector logo of the despicable me brand designed by universal pictures in adobe ilrator format. the current status of the logo is active, which means the logo is currently in use. downloading this artwork you agree to the following the above logo Despicable me, the first film in the series, and the first film from illumination, was released on july , . it was directed by pierre coffin and chris renaud, based on an original story by sergio pablos and written by cinco paul and ken daurio.

Vector perkins (formerly victor perkins) is the main antagonist of illumination'st feature film despicableme. he is the son of the president of the bank of evil, mr. perkins. he was voiced by jason segel in his first villainous role.

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